Seriously Funny Night with a Serious Funny Guy

Join us for an unforgetable night of of comedy that goes to support the life changing minstry of Youth for Christ


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About Marty Simpson


Marty Simpson is a happy husband, father, and comedian. He loves his wife and kids. He tells them before every athletic contest, "Remember, no matter what happens in the game tonight, Daddy loves you, win or tie."

Marty's act is filled with actual events from his life. Everything he says is a true story based on something that either happened to him, his kids, or that he made up entirely. (Do we need to point out that this is sarcasm? Wow, even the parantheticals have sarcasm.) Let's talk about Marty! Marty Simpson doesn’t look like an All-American Football Player, a sports radio talk show host, or a national touring comedian. Let’s be honest, he looks like Dr. Phil's heavier brother. But believe it or not, Marty was the first South Carolinian to be named a USA Today All-American Football Player.

Today, Marty does indeed have that rare form of comedy that makes both young and old, tall and short.... laugh (although he does still have a hard time with Clemson fans). You can see Marty’s comedic production skills at work on a series of successful online videos including the “Domination” series about his beloved South Carolina Gamecocks or various other videos at his youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comedy Café?

The YFC Comedy Café is an annual fundraising event that helps fund the on-going ministry of Greater Iowa Youth For Christ and its ministry satellites. This unique event combines coffee and delicious dessert with family-friendly comedy and a creative program that highlights young people and tells the YFC story.

The YFC Comedy Café started in Mason City in 2006, and has grown each year. Last year, over 1,800 people attended the event.

Where will the Comedy Café take place this year?

This year, the Comedy Café will take place in Clear Lake, Mason City, Hampton, and Des Moines Iowa. Each evening will feature hilarious comedian, Marty Simpson, and stories from the local ministry in each community and surrounding area.

What does it cost?

Admission is free. The Comedy Café is underwritten by sponsors.

What can I expect?

The Comedy Café provides a perfect blend of dessert and fellowship, fun and laughter, and purpose that inspires people to make a difference with teens. You can expect a quality event that includes a combination of the following elements: Time for social interaction over coffee and dessert, student testimonies, a ministry update, professional comedy act, and a free-will offering. The response from previous years has been extremely positive.

How long does it last?

The Comedy Café will run from 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm. The first 30 minutes will provide fellowship time with coffee and dessert, and the program will begin at 7:00 pm. Doors will open at 6:15 pm.

Who should attend?

There are two audiences that the Comedy Café is designed to engage. The first are people who have limited or no knowledge of Youth For Christ and want to learn more about it. We simply want to introduce the ministry to this audience. The second audience is the people who know YFC and want to help support its work with students. The program will present a brief ministry report and provide an opportunity to continue to partner with us. Whatever relationship you have with YFC, we welcome you to attend.

Do I have to be religious to attend?

No. The Comedy Café does a great job involving people from all walks of life. The program will include faith content as we tell the YFC story.

How do I reserve my seat?

You can make your reservations by clicking on the Reserve Seats above.

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